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Puzzled Man

As the most syndicated daily game creator in the world, David L. Hoyt is the self-confessed puzzled mind behind a long list of wildly popular games, puzzles and brain-teasers. David’s most famous games include Jumble™, Word Roundup™, Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters™, Up & Down Words™ and Boggle BrainBusters.™ His games appear in 750 newspapers, including USA Today, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

The newest of David’s endeavors is JUST 2 WORDS™; its' fun and fast game play makes it perfect for mobile devices! It's now available for download on iPhone, Android, Nook, and more.

Another of David’s endeavors is WORD WINDER™, an entire brand of board games, puzzle books, and mobile apps. Described as “one of the best word games ever,” by Mike Hirtle, former Head of Global Product Acquisition at Hasbro, WORD WINDER™ is the first David L. Hoyt brand that has been taken straight to retail vs. licensing a concept.

Electronic versions of many of his addictive puzzles and games are also available to play online at sites such as Shockwave™, Yahoo! Games,™ Patsajackgames.com, EllenTV.com, and Microsoft Zone™ and MSN™ Sites. In print, on the internet and on mobile/tablet devices, David’s games are played by more than 7,000,000 people each day! Additionally, David is the author of more than 25 game and puzzle books.

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